The company

Crazylog, simple and effective solutions.


Crazylog was founded in August 2012 by Hélène & Jean-Yves KBAIER with a specific idea; : provide simple and effective solutions for the maintenance and operation teams for the energy, oil & gas, cleantech and nuclear sectors.




Since the creation of Crazylog, we have been developin rapidly with many prestigious companies having adopted our solutions like Veolia, CNIM, Engie, Airbus D & S… and many more.

Our moto: No Pain, No Gain!

Our mission: Simplify the daily lives of operators and technicians who work relentlessly in production plants around the world through innovation.

A few words from the CEO, Jean-Yves KBAIER:

We decided to develop and market QuickBrain as a large number of our customers were asking for assistance in managing their various plant documents. Instead of building a software platform from scratch, we decided to build a robust, secure & integrated platform from extensive feedback gathered from our customers and rolled the various requirements into one modular software platform to serve the four sectors we service.


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