Cloud solution

Hosting and infrastructure as a service

Crazylog, an IBM Softlayer partnership

Since the origin of CRAZYLOG in 2012, we have developped high expertise in it Systems and Networks

A worldwide vision

Our hosting solutions are based on IBM Softlayer infrastructures and can be deployed on any of the 17 worldwide based datacenters (40 datacenters until 2017). This allows us to  deliver high quality bandwithd and latency service close of our clients.

Communication between datacenters are routed on IBM SoftLayer private and secure network backbone and free of charge.

Softlayer Datacenters location

Tailored solutions

We offer, with our systems architects, to develop custom infrastructures based on the lastest cloud innovations and perfectly adapted to your needs. Thus we can create public, private or hybrid cloud according to your IT policies.

Unequaled performances

ENNOVIA and IBM SoftLayer offer the best in class level of interconnection, slowest latencies and best availability. This allow to deliver high performances solutions.




We offer security levels as you need to garranty your data security from simple statefull firewalling to a dedicated and private link between our solution and your datacenter offering a grow on demand and flexible IT architecture.
The conception of all IBM SoftLayer Datacenters based on a standrd template offer one of the best level of security, redondancy, resilience and effectiveness.


Contained costs

The hosting services integrate all operations of maintenance, backup, configuration and system ingeneering to create all in one solution in contained and transparent costs.


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