The document management features offered by Quickbrain are grouped under the E – DMS product which contains the following modules:




AUTOLINK (option)




This module allows indexing, classifying and the management of document versions used by all the other QuickBrain modules. The DOC module can also be used as a standalone product within an Enterprise Document Management (EDM) environment. The main features are:

  • Creation of a tree document classification.
  • Multiple criteria search by title, document type, language…
  • Document search by equipment tag codes.
  • “Full-text” search engine (requires the Autolink option), which allows to search inside documents with a text layer.
  • Version management of each document.
  • Creation of custom attributes.
  • Managing native formats (autocad, word, excel, etc.) while consulting the PDF document.
  • Export of the document tree in the form of an interactive stand-alone executable for consultation via a DVD, USB key, intranet, etc…
  • Bulk document and tree import.
  • Management of used case documents: it is possible to know which object is attached to a document with a given version (tree, equipment, spare parts, maintenance operation,…).


Using the third-party application PID SCAN (which is delivered with DRAW-E), this module allows you to transform any type of PDF file into a “clickable” interactive diagram. In addition, this module allows:

  • Bind a part of the diagram to a functional node of the tree and therefore access the relevant technical data in seconds (documentation, maintenance…).
  • Find equipment on an interactive diagram via the tree.
  • Automatically link various interactive diagrams when an equipment is present in multiple diagrams. For example, accessing the valve wiring diagram from the P & ID diagram or the implementation plan.

The Event module

This QUICKBRAIN module allows users to create service requests (events) that can be transformed to work orders (actions). This module allows the possibility to associate one or more actions to an event. A specific action contrary to an event has a given status, a manager and a desired resolution date. It is possible to manage lists of events/actions on all objects in the different modules. The main features of the EVENT module are:

  • Creation of events with ability to associate documents such as ; certificates, photographs and plans
  • Creation of actions related to an event with a specified resolution desired date with, the specific actions “carried out”, the person responsible for the action, the specific action description of any planned resolutions and when the action was “carried out.”
  • Consultation on the progress of the action resolutions.
  • The creation of complex reports.
  • Graphical visualisation of the various « action items ».

Autolink (optional)

Autolink allows the user to add extraction tags within PDF, excel and word documents. Autolink analyses the tags (equipment codes) present in a functional tree and uses references to identify the tags in documents allowing the user to find the document based on the tags (within the document) by automatically combining them with the functional tree.

This feature is also necessary to enable the full-text search function of the DOC module.


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