Maintenance management features offered by Quickbrain are grouped under the E-CMMS function which includes the following modules:






The MAINT module

This QUICKBRAIN module allows the creation of a complete maintenance plant repository such as: maintenance plan(s), service instructions and equipment nomenclature in connection with the STOCK module. This module has an in-built planning function which allows the organisation of preventive maintenance operations. A mobile interface option allows the return of maintenance operations scheduled tasks and access to necessary information using a rugged tablet PC in offline mode. The mobile application can also be used in online mode if a connection (network, wi – fi, etc…) is present or in an offline manner to synchronize the data relevant to the implementation of maintenance operations directly on the mobile device.

The main features of the module MAINT are:

  • Creation of a functional treeview.
  • Creation of equipment nomenclature allowing connections to the functional tree.
  • Creation of maintenance plans for each equipment.
  • Creation of spare parts from the STOCK module.
  • Attachment of the reference documentation.
  • Writing detailed service instruction including the reference to the documentation and illustrations.
  • Publication of documents such as service instructions and maintenance plans within multi-formats (excel, word, PDF, etc.).
  • Importation of the equipment list to build the treeview.
  • Graphical operational planning with resource management planning
  • Cost recording (consumed spare parts, labour and external sub-contractors).
  • Advanced reporting such as costs, labour and parts.

The EVENT module

This QUICKBRAIN module allows creating service requests (events) that could be transformed to work orders (actions).It allows the possibility to associate one or more actions to an event. A specific action contrary to an event has a given status, a manager and a desired resolution date. It is possible to manage lists of events/actions on all objects in the different modules. The main features of the EVENT module are:

  • Creation of events with ability to associate documents such as ; certificates, photographs and plans
  • Creation of actions related to an event with a specified resolution desired date with, the specific actions “carried out”, the person responsible for the action, the specific action description of any planned resolutions and when the action was “carried out.”
  • Consultation on the progress of the action resolutions.
  • The creation of complex reports.
  • Cost recording, such as; consumed parts, time spent and external sub-contractors.
  • Graphical planning of action items.

The STOCK module

This module allows the management of items such as spare parts and articles and at the same time allows distribution within different stocks (physical or virtual) by using stock movement. This makes it possible to create complex logistic circuits simply by defining physical or virtual stocks. The history of an article is plotted using the list of associated movements. The main features of the STOCK module are:

  • Creation of an item card.
  • Management of the usage of an article on the different plant equipment’s.
  • Association of item’s documentations.
  • Creation of stocks and import items.
  • Creation of item movements from the stock.
  • Documentation to a specific item movement association such as; order card, certificate, delivery card and packing list.
  • List of items.
  • Inventory valuation (FIFO).

The ILS module

The ILS module (Integrated logistic Support) of QUICKBRAIN has been developed to meet the needs for registration and analysis of the data from the Analysis of Support Logistics (ASL) and the Reliability Availability Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) studies for complex industrial projects. This module has been designed to consolidate a unique repository in the form of a unique logistics base to exploit support calculation and availability optimization.

As any database for logistic support analysis, this module is compatible with the requirements of the MIL STD 1388 2B standard for; data modelling and catalog of data and related reports.  The main features of ILS are:

  • Amendment, creation and versioning of the logistic tree
  • Controlled Generation of the UOC-ALC-LCN
  • RAM data recording
  • Edition of the LSAR reports such as ; infrastructure needs, equipment’s for the support, labour rates, logistic tree, maintenance plan, training and spare parts list
  • Equipment families management such as ; standard failure modes, standard maintenance plans and datasheet

In addition with the MAINT module, ILS allows:

  • Data sharing logistics related articles, tools and standard materials,
  • Definition of the maintenance tasks for logistic candidates directly into QUICKBRAIN such as ; required resources, preliminary/complementary operations and conditions for interventions
  • Spare parts management, infrastructure needs and special tools.

The QB4MX module (optional)

The QB4MX module allows the user to transfer Quickbrain data to the IBM maximo V7.5/7.6 solution in order to feed the necessary maintenance data.

This module provides the ability to rapidly feed the contents of the CMMS with maintenance plans, functional tree, BOMs, spare parts, inventory, tools, personnel, documentation…

This module does not include the IBM maximo license, which must be acquired separately.


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