Condition Based Maintenance with Quickbrain


Information retrieval from Digital Control Systems (DCS) is often constrained by the use of dedicated software provided by the DCS manufacturer. This type of configuration represents the following disadvantages:

  • The DCS software is not always compatible with the customers IT environment (OS, hardware,).
  • The DCS system must be implemented by external sub-contractors, these results in significant costs and a high dependence on the sub-contractor.
  • DCS’s are not natively designed for processing data as can be achieved by Business Intelligence (BI) software system.

With this in mind and given the deployment of various fieldbus’s such as ; Profibus and Modbus in particular, we have designed the Qbox so as to collect data from the plant equipment’s of a plant and their usage in order to put in place both a conditional and predictive maintenance using CrazyLog’s software known as QuickBrain.

The Qbox can of course be operated independently of QuickBrain in stand-alone mode.


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An independent and compact system


The  Qbox is a compact 1U type server with the following characteristics:

  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 43x437x503mm
  • 350W Power
  • Intel Corei3
  • 4 GB of RAM,
  • 500 GB of storage
  • 4 Ethernet ports
  • Profibus card (optional)
  • Windows 7

The data acquisition software is powered by by National Instrument softwares, a world-wide recognized industrial standard.

The Qbox allows:

  • Data acquisition with a single Ethernet port for the Modbus protocol and using an optional card for Profibus,
  • Signal selections, sampling rates, acquisition types (sum, average, on variation, …) from a dedicated web interface.
  • The development of signal processing calculations using the integrated software requires training or an additional service.
  • The connection to Quickbrain application and transfer of data through simple and robust IoT (internet Of Things) protocols designed to face with low-bandwidth and poor quality internet connections.
  • The exploitation of data can be managed with Quickbrain, or the IBM IoT foundation platform (subscription mandatory) or by connecting to your Business Intelligence solution (ask for a specific quote).

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